Foot and Ankle Surgery

There are few things more limiting to an active life style than pain in the foot or ankle. We have assembled an elite collection of foot and ankle fellowship-trained Orthopedic surgeons who are well qualified to take care of the entire spectrum of distal lower extremity ailments.


Due to both trauma and the wear and tear of life, the foot and ankle joints may develop debilitating arthritic pain. Conservative treatments include: immobilization, orthotics and steroid injections. We have surgeons well trained in all conservative modalities as well as: arthroscopic interventions, fusions and even ankle replacement.

Deformity Correction

Though more complex, reconstruction of significant deformities such as an acquired flat foot or severe cavus (high arch) can be very satisfying for patients and help prevent secondary pathologies.

Forefoot Issues

The most commonly encountered forefoot complaints are: bunions, hammertoes and neuromas. Shoe modifications and orthotics can sometimes be beneficial. Those that are unresponsive to conservative therapies can be treated with surgery. It is important to understand the appropriate treatment options to minimize the risk of recurrence of pain and deformity. Our surgeons appreciate the intricacies of these procedures, and help enable our patients to return to their desired activities and shoewear.

Sports Injuries

Foot and Ankle injuries are very common in all sports that require agility. Arriving at the correct diagnosis and treatment regimen is important to expedite return to sports. Our surgeons have successfully treated and rehabilitated athletes at all levels of performance. We can identify the injuries that have potential to heal on their own versus those that require arthroscopic surgery, ligamentous reconstruction or internal fixation.


There are 29 bones in the foot and ankle combined. Our physicians are efficient at identifying and appropriately treating all fractures and ligamentous injuries. Whenever appropriate, non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques are utilized.

If you would like your symptoms diagnosed or evaluated, or would like to see if you are a candidate for foot and ankle surgery, contact one of our physicians at a location near you.

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