What is Fellowship Training and Why Does it Matter?

Written by: Randy Luo, MD, MBA 

What is a Fellowship Trained Surgeon?

A fellowship trained surgeon is someone who did an extra year of specialized training after their 5 years of orthopedic surgery training and 4 years of medical school. This extra year of training is meant to master all areas of knee replacement. These surgeons, combined with their dedicated specialty practice to knee replacement often have a success rate of 90-95% percent, instead of less than 80% by non-specialized low-volume surgeons.

Why Does Fellowship Training Matter?

In the US, about 20% of patients are not happy with their knee replacements. Part of this is because more than 75% of knee replacements are done by surgeons that do less than 25-50 knee replacements a year, which less than 1 a week.

While a knee replacement is a routine surgery, it is by no means simple. Each patient has unique bone structure which the surgeon needs to pay close attention to. When the surgery is done by a surgeon that is fellowship trained in knee replacements and does more than 150-200 knee replacements a year, the satisfaction is greater than 90% after surgery.

Fondren Orthopedic Group’s Surgeons

At Texas Orthopedic Hospital, home of the Fondren Orthopedic Group, our joint replacement specialists are highly specialized in knee and hip replacement. We are the highest volume hospital for hip and knee replacement in Texas and one of the largest in the world. We perform over 4000 knee, hip, and shoulder replacements a year in our dedicated orthopedic specialty hospital. Of our knee replacement surgeons who use robotic surgery, we are all fellowship trained knee replacement surgeons that do more than 200-300 knee replacements a year with thousands of surgeries of experience.

Our experience and specialization are our strength while our commitment to data collection and improving our processes allows us to give the next patient the best surgery possible. We combine a commitment of specialization with the latest technologies to get you back to your life.

Welcome to the Joint Replacement Division at Fondren Orthopedic Group.

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