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Welcome to Fondren Orthopedic Group Fondren Orthopedic Group is nationally recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive associations of private orthopedic surgery practitioners in Houston. With over forty surgeons practicing in ten sub-specialties, we are well-equipped and eager to address your particular medical needs. Read More

Our LocationsAt Fondren Orthopedic Group, we have many convenient locations in the Greater Houston area. The main central location at Texas Orthopedic Hospital houses almost half of our group and most of our specialists and subspecialists. It is located near the Texas Medical Center.

Meet Our Physicians

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Patient Education Videos

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  • I ruptured my biceps tendon. I knew when it happened that the injury was bad and that I would need to have it repaired. Its really frustrating when you try to do things that used to be easy and end up causing injury to yourself. I was fortunate that I had knew Dr Warnock.


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