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For patients with accepted medical insurance, the clinic will bill the insurance carrier directly. Please verify your health plan coverage and benefits are active on your insurance carrier’s website or contacting your insurance carrier directly via the phone number provided on the back of the card. Our providers participate in the majority of the large insurance carrier networks, if you have specific questions about participation, please contact your insurance carrier directly for the most up to date information. There are times when your insurance carrier will process your claim and need additional information from you, such as accident forms, student status forms, etc. It is your responsibility to complete the necessary forms and return them to your insurance carrier promptly. Please understand and comply with all of their insurance carrier’s requirements. Some carriers do not pay for certain items such as ace bandages, items without a hinge, etc. if it is determined during your visit these items are necessary for your care, you will be notified of your responsibility prior to receiving these items.

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